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This Salespage You're Looking At Right Now Is Created With The PLR Minisite Template As Seen Here...

Comes with full PSD editable in photoshop graphics. Includes:

Header image

Footer image

Ebook covers

Button images

And arrow images

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Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you in the dark. I've included some video tutorial guides on how to edit html pages so that you can easily create your own salespage using free tools!

Here's What's Inside The KompoZer Training Video Series
Video #1. Finding & Installing the Software

In video 1, find out where and how to get this free software and install it onto your computer
Video #2. Controlling Your Website Layout

Learn how to prepare your webpage ready to display your content in a neat and easy to follow format.
Video #3. Adding Text & Media

Through video 3 you'll see how to add text and pictures to your page as well as how to format and position them.
Video #4. Creating Navigational Links

Learn how to quickly produce multiple webpages and link them together using hyperlinks.
Video #5. How To Insert Video Into Your Pages

Keep your readers interested in your site and add video,  it's quick, easy and adds real value to your website.


After just the first five videos you will be able to create your first website, it really is that simple.  Then the following videos will give you an introduction to "CSS" so you will be able to manage your site (and any website templates you download in the future) much more professionally.

More From The KompoZer Training Video Series
Video #6. CSS part I:  Elements of Type

This first of three videos which introduce you to CSS deal with elements of type.  Here you'll learn how to format regular text, including that important H1 tag that the search engines pay so much attention to. 
Video #7. CSS part II:  Elements of Class

Just taking what you learn in video 6 a bit further you will be shown how to define your own formatting so as to give your sites that unified look.
Video #8. CSS part III:  Custom Styles

Here we go just a little deeper into the CSS and you'll see how to add rollover effects to your hyperlinks so as to make you navigation more obvious and attractive.
Video #9. Going Live

Once you have completed your website all that remains is to get it to your web host for the world to see.  This is done with free and easy to use 'FTP'  software as you'll see here.




What about editing those graphics
and images?

I've got you covered too! I've included some video tutorial guides on how to edit and customize images by using photoshop and GIMP (Free photoshop alternative!)

Seriously, you'll thank yourself later for picking this up!

My name is Leon Tran and I've generated over 20,000+ product sales and 99% of all of my salespages were created using simple HTML salespage. Nothing fancy, or graphics intensive, or even using wordpress. I personally think using simple HTML pages are a LOT more customizable and runs faster than those fancy wordpress salespages. You can even create those fancy salespages with HTML templates if you want to as well.

Learning HTML and knowing how to customize images is going to give you a big edge than the rest of the internet marketing pack.

With this knowledge, you will go much farther than newbie marketers. Take the time to learn to customize HTML salespages and graphics.

These are the fundamental knowledge to doing many more advanced things in internet marketing.

  • Setting up tracking codes

  • Setting up optin forms

  • Create squeezepages and salespages

  • Customizing wordpress

  • Installing php scripts

Believe me, your future with internet marketing may depend on these very basic technical knowledge. I Know I did!

To Your Success,

Leon Tran

Owner of:

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