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Let's Take A Look At The Awesome Features of the
SEO/PPC Ninja Calculator Software:


With the SEO Ninja Calculator, it will AUTOMATICALLY calculate the potential organic search engine traffic you can get, the potential earnings
and also the keyword ranking competition 
(how difficult it is to rank for your targeted keyword).

You can even calculate the potential earnings from selling your own products and services, affiliate sales, leads, and even ads (adsense).


Here's an example of the SEO calculation results 
for the keyword Make Money Online:


In this SEO calculated report, you will be able to see the ranking difficulty of this keyword along with the estimated traffic and earnings if you were to be ranked on page 1 of the search engine results.

This is a great tool for affiliate marketers looking to target specific niche keywords and to see the ranking difficulty along with traffic and profit potential.

Now Let's Take A Look At The
Salespage Writer Software:


1-Click Software Gives You 
100 Of The Best 
Copy and Paste 
Salespages You Can Instantly Use 
To Sell Your Products And Services.

Look at how easy it is to use the Salespage Writer software. Just open it up, enter your name and product name, then select a salespage niche, and finally click the create salespage button.


The software produces a fully written salespage with your own name and product name. Now you can save this salespage; copy it and use it however you like for selling your own products and services.

With the Salespage Writer Software, you can create 100+ fully written salespages across all kinds of niches offers.

The Salespage Selections Include:

Alcohol Treatment
Alternative Energy-Fuel
Apps Development
BasketBall Skills
Budget Tips For Students
Building Profitable Coaching Business
Business Management Training
Career Development
Child Self Esteem
Children Health and Wellness
Children Safety
Choosing Childcare
Choosing The Right Online School
Choosing The Right University
Couple Relationship
Drug Treatment
Email Marketing
Exotic Pets
Family Planning
Financing Your Business
Financing Your Education
Financing Your Property
First Time House Buyers
Fit and Healthy Body
Forex Trading
Futures Trading
Gambling Addiction
Gambling Game
Green Homes
Hair Styling and Treatment
Handling Breakup
Handyman Guide
Investing In Property
Ipads OR Galaxy Tabs
Law Of Attraction
Lead Generation
Managing Personal Finance
Manicure and Pedicure
Moving Tips
Network Marketing Companies
Network Marketing Mindset
Network Marketing Training
Nicotine Treatment
Online Dating
Online Marketing
Operating System OR Languages
Options Trading
Organic Food-Garden
Outsourcing Your Business
Personal Coaching
Product Launch
Profitable Business Planning
Profitable Compensation Plans
Public Speaking
Racing Games
Schooling For Your Kids
Search Engine Optimization
Self Motivation and Discipline
Sex Addiction
Shooting Games
Simple Living
Simulation Games
Skin Care
Sky Diving
Sports Coaching
Starting Your Own Business
Stock Share Trading
Stop Addiction
Stop Procrastination
Strategy Games
Stress Relief
Study Tips For Students
Styling and Fashion
Take Control of Your Life
Tennis Skills
Web Design
Wedding Planning
Weight Loss
Win Your Lover Back
Woo A Girl

Now Let's Take A Look At The
1-Click Copywriter Software:

1-Click Software Gives You 
Over 1000+ Of The Best 
Swipes You Can Instantly Use For Your Internet Marketing

It's like having some of the best copywriters in the world 
help you to create high converting swipes like these!

There are over 1000+ swipes 
for you to fill in the blank and use including: 
Call to action
Email Subjects

The 1-CLICK Rebrander Software


You can now easily add in your own banner 
and promo links directly inside the software!


And you don't have to be a programmer to edit any codes. You can use my easy exclusive 1 click rebrander software.


Here are some more software rebrand examples:




Here's what you can do with PLR rights: 

Yes you CAN giveaway the individual software for free to build your list

Yes you CAN resell with personal usage rights

Yes you CAN resell resale rights

Yes you CAN resell master resale rights

Yes you CAN rename/rebrand the software

You can add this software pack as a bonus

Yes you CAN add this software pack to a paid membership site

CANNOT resell PLR rights

CANNOT edit the source code of the Software. Use rebrander for rebranding.

60 days 100% money back guarantee

Try my PLR product, if you are not completely satisfied for any reasons, then I don't want your money! Simply contact me within 60 days, and I'll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked, no hassles.

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Frequently asked questions:

1) Does this work on Macs (Apple OS)?
-These software programs only run on Windows!
You can run the software on Macs if you use VMware or something similar.

2) Will my Anti-Virus program trigger a FALSE-Positive alert when running these programs?
-The nature of these BOT programs may trigger a false-positive alert. These programs are 100% safe to use, and you can allow these programs from your anti-virus programs.

3) What about software updates?
These programs have been running for years without problems. If it requires simple updates and fixes, I'll take care of it for free. However, I cannot offer 100% free major updates for life though.