BRAND NEW OnPage SEO Analysis Software That Generates Custom On-Page SEO Analysis Reports!

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The SEO analysis report will have your custom message displayed. You can use this tool for your own sites, client sites, or to generate free SEO reports and gain new SEO leads this way!

With this 1-click software, anyone can quickly and easily generate custom On-Page SEO Reports!

Just enter in a few details, click a button and that's all!

This BOT software will:

1) Scan the web page
2) Check for major On-Page SEO factors
   -Keyword density
   -Keywords in meta tags
   -H1 and Bolding of keywords
   -Image attributes
   -Check for robot.txt and sitemap
   -Usage of www and non www
   -Check for proper usage of styles and javascripts
   -Check for optimized linking structures
   -Check for optimized HTML
3) Provide SEO recommendations
4) Generate customized On-Page SEO analysis report

Here's a screenshot of the SEO Report example below!


Grab this Useful OnPage SEO Analysis BOT today + PLR rights included!

Private Label Rights included!

Here's what you can do with PLR rights: 

YES! You CAN rebrand and giveaway the software for free to build your list. Ebooks and videos are nice, but giving away free USEFUL software is going to give you the edge.

YES! you CAN rebrand the software and resell for whichever price you like.


You also get the 1-Click Rebrander Tool!

The Exclusive PLR rebranding technology that you can't get anywhere else!

You can rebrand this software and display your own websites, banners, salespages, squeezepages, affiliate pages, any link you want! Use our famous 1-Click rebranding tool, it's super easy!

*Please note that the examples shown below are for
a different Bot software
, but rebranding works the same.

Examples: Add a link to your video squeezepage as seen here.

Examples: Add an affiliate link.

Examples: Another squeezepage link.

You can promote whatever your want directly inside of the program, and your users WILL definitely see it!


There's MORE!

Exclusive PLR rebranding technology with seamless Private Label updating technology.

*Features AUTOMATIC FREE private label software updates for you and your users!

This was a major issue for a long time with PLR software buyers. You buy PLR software, rebrand it, then sell it or give it away. But what happens when it breaks and requires update? Who takes care of the updates?  If you're not a programmer, you're pretty much out of luck! Even if you update it yourself, then you have to compile software, package it, upload it, provide download links to all of your users, and maintain the updates... and so it is a long term burden.

Selling software is certainly profitable, but it's a pain when the software breaks down or needs updates.


We've solved this problem!

Our new exclusive PLR updating technology takes care of all of the updates for every single one of your users without you ever having to update anything yourself or send a single (update) download link to your users.


Your rebranded software version is kept intact with all new updates.

That's right, your users still see your rebranded software version even with the new updates. ALL automatically! You do not need to take care of providing new download links. Your users download directly from the link inside the software with your rebranded version kept automatically!

Think about it! You can sell your rebranded software or give it away, and never EVER have to deal with software updates!

Have peace of mind knowing that your users are taken care of.

Up to this point, this kind of rebranding technology has never been offered before for PLR software by ANYONE. You can only get this kind of rebranding with seamless PLR updates through here...

Get the OnPage SEO Analysis BOT Software
with PLR rights + Automatic PLR Software Updates.


Here's what you can and Cannot do
with PLR rights: 


Yes you CAN giveaway the individual software for free to build your list

Yes you CAN resell with personal usage rights

Yes you CAN resell resale rights

Yes you CAN resell master resale rights

Yes you CAN rebrand the software

You can add this software as a bonus

Yes you CAN add this software pack to a paid membership site

CANNOT resell PLR rights

CANNOT edit the source code of the Software. Use rebrander for rebranding.

60 days 100% money back guarantee

Try my PLR product, if you are not completely satisfied for any reasons, then I don't want your money! Simply contact me within 60 days, and I'll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked, no hassles.

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-Leon Tran
(Currently developing more useful Bots :)
I only create and sell BOTs that I personally use myself.

Frequently asked questions:

1) Does this work on Macs (Apple OS)?
-These BOT software only run on Windows! 
You can run the software on Macs if you use VMware or something similar.

2) Will my Anti-Virus program trigger a FALSE-Positive alert when running these programs?
-The nature of these BOT programs may trigger a false-positive alert. These programs are 100% safe to use, and you must allow these programs from your anti-virus/firewall programs or they won't work.

3) What about all future software updates?
I normally create BOTs that can work for years without problems. If it requires simple updates and fixes, I'll take care of it for free. However, I cannot offer 100% free major updates (new bells and whistles, new major features) for a lifetime though. For the most part, general fixes and updates are free for all users :)

Thanks for viewing!